Fresh Hands
We clean everything!.
Customized Cleaning Solutions

"Healthy, Smart, Reliable Cleaning Solutions"

We provide the right service... the highest quality  service to meet you needs at the lowest competitive cost. 
Fresh Hands Family.
  • We are a unique envirnmental cleaning service company specializing in service centers and facilities. 
  • We implement a standardized proven approach to the cleaning and mainenance of business locations. 
  • We us hygienic, green cleaning materials and safe established procedures. 

Our Commitment:

We are family owned and operated with decades of combined years in the cleaning and facility maintenence industry, working to eleveate the level of clean and quality of living within our home and businesses. Building on classic forms of cleaning and maintenence by introducing hygienic, green cleaning materials and safe, established procedures changing the way you look at your home or business. Our cleaning system will ensure the life of your investment by correctly cleaning and maintaining your home or business, extending the life of your products.  
We service locations throughout Illinois, Indian and Wisconsin, specializing in commercial cleaning services and procedures. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services from annual maintenence to regular schedualed carpet cleanings and everything inbetween. Setting the Standard in cleaning and facility maintenence our advance procedures and products allow us to leave your space in the best possible condition. Our attention to detail and professional products allows us to guarantee customer satisfaction on every level of approval. 
We operate out of a central office and storage facility in Chicago,IL and use trained cleaning crews to create the highest level of clean possible.